Safety Latches&Inside Release Handles




HYL-1178  Cam-lift Safety Latch?Installation Height 40-70mm  (Material: High Pressure Die-cast Zinc)
HYL-1178S    Plane Safety Latch (Material: High Pressure Die-cast Zinc)
HYL-1178SS   Cam-lift Safety Latch?Installation Height 40-70mm (Material: Stainless Steel)
HYL-1178SSS   Plane Safety Latch (Material: Stainless Steel)
HYL-1178-P1   Inside release handle?rod length 155mm(Material: plastic fiber)
HYL-1178-P2   Inside release handle (Material: Stainless Steel)
HYL-1178-P3  Inside release handle?rod length 105mm (Material: plastic fiber)
HYL-1178K   Safety Latches Inside release handle (Material: High Pressure Die-cast Zinc)
(The product have three insurances, if inside release handle is broken, the people in the cold room can open threaded rod to leave)