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    Hitek Industry Co., Ltd is a professional production and processing refrigeration equipment and accessories manufacturers. Established in 2003, is headquartered in the Suzhou. And our factories are located in Ningbo, Hangzhou, Taizhou, Shaoxing. With international advanced high-tech equipment and professional R & D personnel.


  • SC Series Compressor
    YZF00 Series
  • R134A
    R410 Manifold Gauge
  • SEK Series
    Safety latches
  • TW-1M
    Pressure Switch
  • FN Series Compressor
  • R600A
    CT-467 Single Gauge Valve
  • SDML Series
    Adjustable door hinges
  • 2TW-1C
    Flaring Tools
  • QD Series Compressor
    ECM Series
  • R22
    S Series Thermostatic Expansion Valve
  • SPLC Series
    Defrosting Timer
  • DC TW-2L
  • DC Series Compressor
  • R12
    Opening Valves
  • SPLY-F Series
    Filter Core
  • 2TW-1R

Something about Freon and Refrigerant

Freon has been widely used in Refrigerant, in order to meet the cooling demand, the consumption of Freon is now growing, we are providing such a specialized refrigeration equipment manufacturers, and we also offer compressor and filter drier, etc. If you are interested in our refrigeration equipment, compressor and filter drier, please contact us.

Refrigerant Compressor Freon Filter Drier